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We can now supply an antibacterial microfibre cleaning cloth. The antibacterial coating is 99.9% effective against bugs and bacteria including E-Coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This cloth keeps the germs away without the need for washing with soap and water. 

The antibacterial cloth works on hard surfaces that come into contact with your hands, such as door handles and ATMs as well as mobile and tablet screens. By using it on hard surfaces before you touch them, you reduce the amount of bacteria that your hands will come into contact with.

This is a dense 230gsm cloth and is 12cm x 12cm. It is a white cloth printed in full colour on 1 side and the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. Each cloth is packed in a clear polybag.

The antibacterial cloth is designed to be used again and again. The cloth supports washing by machine and the antibacterial qualities will not be washed away.   

Our printed promotional microfibre cleaning cloth cleans without smearing or scratching. Ideal for cleaning mobiles, computer screens, LCD displays, spectacles and sunglasses. The cloth is printed in full colour on one side as standard - perfect for displaying pictures and photos as well as logos and text. Our microfibre cloth is a hefty 230gsm with a reassuring quality feel. Regular sizes are 13cm x 13cm, 15cm x 15cm and 15cm x 18cm. The cloth size can also be customised. We have new lower prices. Get in touch to find out more.

Microfibre Cleaning Pouch


16cm x 8cm soft microfibre pouch with drawstring closure. Suitable for mobile phones, spectacles and sunglasses. The outside of the pouch is printed in full colour on the front and back, giving you a large space for branding. The microfibre cloth material of the pouch is ideal for keeping the phone screen or glass lenses clean.

Dual Sided Microfibre Lens Cloth 


The plush side is an absorbent general purpose microfibre cloth for cleaning. The silky side is the high quality microfibre lens cleaning cloth for polishing. The silky side can be printed in full colour. The plush side is available in grey, green, navy or pink. Standard sizes are 13cm x 18cm and 16cm x 22cm. This cloth is brilliant for car owners. The plush side is great for clearing condensation from the windscreen while the silky side keeps the satnav sparkling.

Pyramid Phone Stand


The same materials as the Dual Sided cloth, stitched into the shape of a pyramid and stuffed with polyester to create an eye catching desk top mobile phone stand. The silky microfibre cloth is printed in full colour to show off your corporate design in vibrant full colour. Size is 12cm x 12cm x 9cm.